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My sensor has fallen off the door, what do I do?
My sensor has fallen off the door, what do I do?

How to determine if you have mounted your sensor on an approved surface, and what to do if it falls off the doorframe.

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When adhering the mounting plate to the sensor, it’s important to maintain pressure for 30 seconds to ensure the mounting plate adheres to the frame. To ensure your sensor will stick, please confirm that your doorframe is an approved surface for the supplied command strips.

If your sensor has fallen off the mount:

  1. Check the device status on the Location page to see if it is still online with regular check-ins.

  2. If it has not checked-in in over 1 hour, follow the troubleshooting steps to ensure it is not damaged.

  3. If your sensor does not come online after following the troubleshooting steps, contact us to order a replacement.

If the mounting plate has fallen off the doorframe:

There are additional mounting strips in the original box the sensor arrived in.

  1. Take off the old mounting strips from the mount

  2. Place the new strips on the back of the mount

  3. Adhere the mounting plate to the doorframe by holding down for a full 30 seconds to ensure a strong connection between the surfaces.

  4. If you need additional mounting strips, please contact and we can have some sent to you.

Approved surfaces:

Unapproved surfaces:

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