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My batteries are dead - what do I do?
My batteries are dead - what do I do?

How to replace the batteries in your sensor.

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Our F21 sensor uses D-Cell lithium metal batteries which last 18-24 months in standard retail environments. If you believe your F21 sensor’s batteries are dead, contact Dor support to order new batteries. Our F20 sensor uses 4 AA lithium batteries and can be replaced with standard batteries from the store.

Once the batteries arrive:

  1. Take the sensor off the mount

  2. Press the white button on the sensor.

  3. Take out the old batteries.

    Please properly dispose of the non-rechargeable lithium batteries at a battery recycling facility. Do not dispose of lithium batteries in the trash. Battery recycling facilities can be found at or by calling 1-877-2-RECYCLE

  4. Place the new batteries in the sensor, being sure to pay attention to the +/- orientation.

  5. Put the sensor back on the mount.

  6. Confirm the sensor is connected in the Device Status page of the Location’s page.

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