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My base station is offline. What do I do?
My base station is offline. What do I do?

What do to if your base station is disconnected

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First, make sure that your base station is plugged into an outlet that receives power.

If your base station is plugged in, but still not connecting:

  1. Take note of the color and flashing pattern of the status LED on the front of the base station

  2. After taking note of the status LED, unplug the base station from the outlet, wait a full 30 seconds, and then plug it back into the wall. Your base station will then attempt to make a connection. Note that it will take at least 4 minutes to successfully establish a connection.

  3. After 10 minutes your base station should now have a solid green status LED and should show as connected in your dashboard. If you continue to experience connection issues, note the status LED color and flashing pattern and contact us noting your Location and the device Serial Number.

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