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How can I check the status of my devices?
How can I check the status of my devices?

How to check the connectivity and battery status of your base station and sensor

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Any user with access to the location may view the status of the devices by visiting the location’s page in Dor.

  1. Go to the Location's page

  2. Scroll down to Devices


The Power column signifies if a device has access to power.

For a sensor, this status will also indicate if the sensor's battery status.


The signal column indicates whether a device has adequate signal strength.

For the base station, this indicates the signal strength of the cellular network.

For the sensor, this indicates the strength of the connection between the base station and the sensor.

If the sensor has a low (orange) signal...

...this indicates the connection between the base station and the sensor is weak. If the sensor is still successfully checking-in (once per hour), there is no action required. If the signal is affecting regular check-ins, this can potentially be resolved by moving the base station closer to the sensor. If this action does not produce regular check-ins, contact Dor support.

If the base station has a low (orange) signal...

...this means the signal strength to the cellular network is weak. If the base station is still checking-in regularly, there is no action required. However, if there is a delay in updating the dashboard, you can move the base station closer to a window where it may have access to a better cell signal to improve the connection. If this does not improve the signal strength, and data is still delayed in updating to the dashboard, contact Dor support.


Dor’s sensors relay data to the dashboard by checking in to the nearest base station. Each sensor should check-in with the base station once an hour.

If your sensor has not checked-in for over 2 hours, it indicates that an error has occurred. To remedy this, follow our steps for troubleshooting the sensor.

If either a sensor or a base station does not check-in for 18 hours, the location’s Primary Contact will be notified directly by email about the offline device and troubleshooting steps.

Note that even if your base station loses connectivity, your sensor will continue to collect data for a week or more depending on how much traffic your location receives. When your sensor and base station restore their connection, the sensor will be able to purge that past data so none of your foot traffic data is lost.

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