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What is a Primary Contact?
What is a Primary Contact?

Who will receive notifications when things go wrong?

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A Primary Contact is the person responsible for the devices at a given location. They receive unit-down emails and are the person Dor Support will reach out to should any issues arrive. There can only be one Primary Contact per location. Primary Contacts are typically onsite managers, regional managers, or operations leaders who have easy access to Dor devices.

To assign a Primary Contact:

Primary Contacts can only be assigned by Admins. They are assigned when a Location is created. If you are an Admin and need to change the Primary Contact for a location, you can do so on that Location’s page.

  1. Go to the Locations Tab

  2. Select a Location

  3. Scroll down to Team Member

  4. Scroll to the user and Select ‘Assign as Primary Contact.’

The Primary Contact will receive an email confirming their status and responsibilities for the location.

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