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Does Dor connect over Wi-Fi?
Does Dor connect over Wi-Fi?

Wifi connectivity

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Most customers opt to use our provided cellular-enabled base station that allows your sensors to connect to Dor without the need for Wi-Fi connectivity in your store. If for some reason you’d prefer Wi-Fi connectivity or there are issues with cellular coverage at your location, the sensor may optionally be configured to check in over Wi-Fi as long as your Wi-Fi meets the below requirements.

To configure your sensor for Wi-Fi, all you’ll need is the Dor mobile app for iOS devices. If you do not have an iOS device, you will need a base station to provision the device to Wi-Fi. After the sensor is provisioned over Wi-Fi, you can disconnect the base station.

To ensure you will be able to connect your sensor over Wi-Fi, please review the requirements in this documentation:

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